We started this company to help locals and out of state visitors fall in love with the beauty of the desert. We wanted to have a fun and unique way for everyone to enjoy nature even if you aren't the outdoorsy type. We also wanted to make these experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved, including the ones hosting! We handle all the hard details so you get to focus on enjoying the experience.


What started out as a local Phoenix company has grown to events in popular destination locations such as Flagstaff, Sedona, California, and even internationally in Mexico. We've hosted events in state/local parks, beaches, forests, desert land, backyards, family cabins, river banks, and more!

Our job is to create unforgettable memories in stunning locations. We offer dinner party and micro wedding packages that allow you to host one of a kind experiences, stress free! We handle all of the work, you just enjoy. Check out our Facts and Questions page to learn more.



As of March 17, 2022 Ivory Desert has a new owner!

Hi All, Exciting Changes!!


My name is Mary Kay Savage (I go by Mary Kay or MK) and I have taken over Ivory Desert. My commitment is to handle your parties, picnics, and weddings with as much care and consideration as possible.

I'm an IT professional of about 30 years and I also have about 15 years experience in planning dog agility trial events. Additionally, I am planning my own wedding for December 10, 2022, so I can plan for you as I plan for me.

I'll be making a few changes in what Ivory Desert has to offer as well as expanding the inventory of centerpieces, linens, and many other things that can be available for your special day.

As a special preview of what is to come, I hope to be able to expand up 50 guest events in 2023.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Mary Kay Savage